Sunday, July 5, 2009

I blogged!!

Jaxton and his buddy Grandpa Steve!
Kader fell asleep on Grandpa Dave's boat while we were pulling kids on the tube!

Maddie and Alexa and Angie

Mareyn loves to go fast and crazy on Big Bertha!

Happy Fourth!

We had a wonderful weekend at the lake for the fourth. We tried out our new tent that we all fit in. Mareyn decorated it for the holiday!
Maddie got up on the wakeboard!!

Vinnie skiing!

We enjoyed going over to the point for a breakfast buffet on Sunday morning...Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Albertson for a great and relaxing weekend!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandma Sheryl Shot the Sheriff?!!

Grandma Mary had a wonderful idea of having a Mystery Murder Party for my mom's 5oth was a western themed one that we borrowed from a friend...(Thanks Diane!!) and turns out Sally Forth.....mail order bride from England.....played by Sheryl (my mom)was the murderer!!
Grandma Mary went to so much work to make it special....everything was nicely decorated and the meal was fantastic!!! Thanks Grandma!!

I was narrating the murder so I didn't really have a costume...thus the baseball shirt.....but check out that peacock feather in Bibi....the saloon girl!

Here is Juan Bandito, Rowdy Azell, Doc Holiday....(check out that mustache) and Juan Bandito the 2nd! We had a lot of fun and would very much recommend doing this as a party idea!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I updated my blog!!!! It's only been a couple months...

Noah and Kader at the Volleyball game.
Maddie's sixth grade class surprising Mrs. Foss on her birthday with a basket of her favorite things!!

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out a candle!

Mareyn...the princess....Maddie ....a pink lady....Noah as a frog.....and about the coolest Elvis impersonator I have ever seen! (J of course was already mia....and Vinnie did not dress up this year) For those of you that do not know...... this was a dream come true for Kader he has loved Elvis since he could talk and walk....we do not know why or how....he just always has.

Mareyn with two of her classmates and her teacher, Mrs. Mitchell on pajama day at school.

Kader turns 8!!

Vikings shirt was on the list!!!! Thanks G&G
Getting his elephant from Africa that he has been "patiently" waiting for!!!

Mom made his favorite bars instead of cupcakes and he blew out an "8" candle on the bars shaped like stars!!

Hunting time again.....

Kader got this hunting outfit for his birthday!
Looking pretty proud of the pheasant hunt.....

Dessica meets Nicole C. Mullen!!!!!!

Women of Faith 08 turned out to be a memorable one for me as I got to meet someone who I admire greatly and to be honest was quite a bit starstruck!! As you can see in this picture I was a little nervous to be standing next to her!!! If you do not know who she is, it is worth your time to find out and listen to her music...God has blessed her with some awesome gifts!!
Erika, Missi and I having lunch.....

Here is part of the group in our seats.....

Me and Ang waiting to meet Nicole!